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24 June 2021
London Festival of Architecture - "You See Me, Seeing You" by Catherine Harrington

Security CCTV cameras in London’s streets make us feel safe, cared for and protected. Or do they? Does CCTV surveillance care for us or control us – or both?

Join us for this outdoor performance that uses movement, sound, dance and light to explore the spectacle of public surveillance that takes place 24 / 7 via CCTV. This new work is created in collaboration with performance artists Mirei Yazawa, Ghost and John and with musician Sarah Woolfenden and designer Catherine Harrington.

Read more: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/you-see-me-seeing-you-an-outdoor-performance-date-altered-to-24june-tickets-151186377525

24 June 2021
Engine Room with Omnibus Theatre:
"We 55 Things To Show You, But It's Not The Time Yet."

Watch Ghost and John pitching 55 ideas in 20 minutes. Yes, 55 ideas and they are all at initial stage. Maybe all are trash. Maybe we are doing a world tour next year. Catch us at the starting line.

Ticketing: https://www.omnibus-clapham.org/engine-room-june-2021/

July 2021
Radio Neighbourhood. 

Details TBA
Stay tuned

19 -31 July 2021
12 Live Performance Artists, 12 Live Works of Our Time

Presentations + Workshops + R&D
In association with London Performance Studios


‘Twelve Live Performance Artists, Twelve Artworks of Our Time’ is an urgent and
timely programme involving twelve performance artists and one designer, discussing
socio-politically sensitive subjects, materials and societies, post-humanism,
and displacement and memories of home.
We are presenting pertinent artworks
by independent artists that would not have the chance to present otherwise at this
time, to showcase and project our new visions for the coming (post)-pandemic

A combination of artists from various live performance disciplines, we devise and
present experimental score-based improvisation works where the artists perform
for each other. This is a response from us towards the reopening of the art venues
and an investigation into new ecology for independent artists to share resources and
find the space for presentation.

We become prophets of new beliefs and values. We transform the space with
bravery. We step in and make changes.

Read more about how you can participate here:

2,3 October 2021
​痴線一分鐘 Minute Moonshine - 香港作品 Event in Hong Kong

A collaborative experimental project cross London and Hong Kong


Photo by Dominic Farlam