- Performance events across London & the UK

- Bringing live art to homes during pandemic
- Engaging with East & Southeast Asian mythology

- Addressing contemporary crisis
- Touring the idea instead of the crew

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Photo by Dominic Farlam, Alexander Newton, Stephanie Handjiiska


Upcoming Schedule

25-27 Feb 2021
ShumGhostJohn: "Cart Noodle Show" at DARE Festival

With Upstart Theatre at Shoreditch Town Hall Online

What's better than a storytelling night? What about a game show with 8 stories about food!

The hilarious ShumGhostJohn are bringing their brand new game show Cart Noodle Show to your home. Get ready to sit on the edge of your seat, fight for the highest score, and have a taste of the delicious Hong Kong street food, Cart Noodle 車仔麵!

Warning: The myths in this show may not be authentic. The food may not be nice and kind. The host may not want you to win. Hot. Handle with Care.

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20 Feb 2021
"Thousand Papers 千紙" at Welcome to My Crying Party

4-6pm GMT

Tell us your stories, hopes and dream. So then we can build the Senbazuru of ours.

For this first online version of 千紙 Thousand Papers, Let's get into a space of positivity, looking into our past trauma and  also our coming futures. ​Derived from the concept of community sculpture building, movement practices and East Asian traditions. Ghost and John invite you to be part of this performance. Together, we write, sing, dance, celebrate and make origami...

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4 December 2020
Panel with Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Beyond Contemporaneity: Futures of Performance

4 December 2020 (Fri) 3pm-4:30pm GMT

In this public panel conversation, artists, producers, thinkers, graduates, and policy-makers will discuss the future of contemporary performance. This discussion will touch on the multiplicity of factors which will inevitably shape the future such as public health, economy, artistic trajectory, access and hierarchies of power, societal and political support, and education.

Ghost & John (HK/UK), Multidisciplinary Art Duo

Jo Verrent (UK), Senior Producer, Unlimited

LJ Findlay-Walsh (UK), Artistic Director, Take Me Somewhere | Senior Performance Curator, Tramway

More info here

26 November 2020
Panel with Asia-Art-Activism: #MilkTeaAlliance

26 November 2020 (Thu) 2-4pm GMT

Join us in this panel discussion about digitalisation, surveillance, and milk tea!

The term "Milk Tea Alliance" is a meme that arose from the dispute between Thailand and China pundits on Twitter. This term reflects the fact that people have spent more time on the internet world since the pandemic, which has also brought additional conflict, an increased focus on public issues, and the exhibition of artworks online. These activities inevitably draw the attention of governmental authorities.

This panel will discuss the digitalisation of artworks and surveillance, and the strategies used by artists and activists towards visibility and invisibility, particularly in socially and politically charged arts projects.

A roundtable discussion with Candy ChoiGhost & JohnRuss Ligtas, and Thái Hà

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Photo by Dominic Farlam

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