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April - May 2020
Research Project on Hong Kong Art Ecology

We are going back home as Artist Fellows at Hong Kong Dance Alliance to study Hong Kong's art sector by meeting up with art practitioners of different practices.

10-15 Mar 2019
I'M NOT SURE ... (Triptych version for Vault Festival)
at Pit, The Vault, Leake Street, London
invited by Papergang Theatre to be part of "Freedom Hi"
at Vault Festival
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2 May 2020
Thousand Papers 千紙 at Open Weekend (Cancelled due to Covid-19)
20 May 2020
ONLINE: A timely artistic friendship at a time full of Skirmishes

Performance Screening + Round Table Discussion
With Angela Wai Nok Hui

during a Study Room Research Residency at the Live Art Development Agency
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16 June 2020
Coffee Morning: How on earth is this Asian pink elephant still here
(TBC due to Covid-19)

A conversation with fellow artists over the coffee table about East Asian representation in the current performance art scene in the UK.

at Chisenhale Dance Space

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19 June 2020
The Playground at Rambert - Experimental session with fellow artists 
(TBC due to Covid-19)

at Rambert, Southbank, London
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More details coming soon.

10-11 July 2020
Meniscus - Multimedia Ensemble Work
(TBC due to Covid-19)

at Studio Noho, Soho, London
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More details coming soon.

Photo by Terry Tsang

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