Photo by Dominic Farlam, Alexander Newton, Stephanie Handjiiska


Upcoming Schedule

10 Dec 2021 (Fri) 8:40pm
Instagram Livestream Experiment with Rambert and The Playground: 
The Normalcy of Hong Kong Street

“Did you see that? It’s unbelievable. Let me try to show it to you with my phone. Wait.”

Miraculous things are happening here. People hold up their phones to livestream the scene. Multiple angles of the sacred presence are now broadcasted online. You have your eyes fixed on the screen, switching between channels and accounts. Can you feel it yet?

“The normalcy of Hong Kong street view” is an exploration on live streaming and video documentation in art spaces, as a contemplation on online footages of critical moments at social movements. The idea has been experimented briefly and presented at #12Artworks in July 2021. It involves multiple cameras and performers as several roles, playing across the boundaries of digital and physical, seen and unseen.

Watch the live happening on this Friday at 8:40pm through the Instagram accounts:  @ghostandjohn @theplayground_rambert @rambertdance and experience the journey from different perspectives.

Photo by Dominic Farlam