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13, 17 July 2021

Commissioned by Deptford X and Bow Art

Broadcasted by AAJA Radio 

VROOOOOM~! A spaceship crash landed in the city. The alien crawls out and meets the migrant who also found themselves foreign to this land. Tune in your radio and watch our outdoor dance drama that engages with East Asian mythologies from your home and neighbourhood!

Tuesday 13 July 2021 — 2:15-2:45pm
Evelyn Community Centre, Staunton Street,
Deptford, London, SE8 5TW
Broadcasting over Internet Radio:

Saturday 17 July 2021 — 12-12:30pm
(2 Locations Simultaneously)
1-4 Tanner's Hill,
Deptford, London SE8 4PJ
Pump House Square,Shackleton Way,
Royal Docks, London E16 2HU
Broadcasting over AAJA Radio

15-17 July 2021

15 July 2021
12noon - 8pm 
Durational performance 
Derby Theatre

15-17 July 2021
Interactive Exhibition
Derby Theatre 


With Departure Lounge Festival by In Good Company

‘也許故事從未結束,暫此封印在千鶴內。Tell us your stories, hopes and dreams. So then we can build the Senbazuru of ours.’

Join us to participate in this durational performance with ShumGhostJohn to create a community installation of Senbazuru that holds happiness, sadness, hopes, dreams and memories.


Together, we sing, dance and celebrate.


18 July 2021

Durational performance 
Studio 101 Courtyard, 1 Resolution Way, London SE8 4NT
As part of Deptford X

‘There Are Gods Around Us’ by Ghost & John, an extract from their previous work “Meniscus”. This durational performance is a devised work by each of the performers, where they tell stories about the imaginary gods they write up, and perform a made-up ritualistic dance of the god. Taking reference from East Asian mythology, traditions and rituals, it is a queer and Asian work that looks into what hope means in our age of great instability and crisis.

“Have you eaten yet?” is equivalent to “how are you?” in many Asian cultures. This question carries a tangible, direct sense of care towards one’s livelihood & health, which often leads to impromptu food sharing. In line with these ethics of reciprocal care and hospitality, Have You Eaten Yet? will create an affectionate healing space for the local community during Deptford X Festival 2021, built through excavated stories, interventions and performances celebrating radical expressions of Asian joy.

19 -31 July 2021

Presentations + Workshops + R&D
In association with London Performance Studios

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‘Twelve Live Performance Artists, Twelve Artworks of Our Time’ is an urgent and
timely programme involving twelve performance artists and one designer, discussing
socio-politically sensitive subjects, materials and societies, post-humanism,
and displacement and memories of home.
We are presenting pertinent artworks
by independent artists that would not have the chance to present otherwise at this
time, to showcase and project our new visions for the coming (post)-pandemic

A combination of artists from various live performance disciplines, we devise and
present experimental score-based improvisation works where the artists perform
for each other. This is a response from us towards the reopening of the art venues
and an investigation into new ecology for independent artists to share resources and
find the space for presentation.

We become prophets of new beliefs and values. We transform the space with
bravery. We step in and make changes.

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2,3 October 2021
​痴線一分鐘 Minute Moonshine - 香港作品 Event in Hong Kong

A collaborative experimental project cross London and Hong Kong


Photo by Dominic Farlam