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Heading 1

Photo by Dominic Farlam

FrancisJohn Chan 

(Yuen Cheung Chan) is a Hongkongese contemporary artist from Biology background, recently creating around the subject of liminality and investigating the formation of spectatorship in art, which understand how performance is able to generate different human experiences. He is a part of the duo Ghost and John and is the Artistic Co-director of The Devisers Company. He was a young choreographer in ATLAS at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2019.

FrancisJohn sees art as a means of escape, to learn more about the world, to be more able to empathise with others. He hopes his artworks, with dance, live, video, sound and photography, can transport spectators into a more understanding universe, with courage and benevolence, and hence drive positive changes in the society. His works include, "Can I Tell You Something?", "I'm not sure about you, but I need to eat", "RLDU" and more, which has been presented across London, Vienna and Hong Kong. 

“(His work) addresses a lot of the political issues of our time in a playful, but also an emotional way.” - Guy Cools, renowned dance dramaturg

FrancisJohn was trained as a biologist (BSc Biological Science, HKUST) and is now switching his inquiry into life to an artistic perspective, especially contemporary dance. He is currently studying MA Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place). He was trained under Siu Wan from SHOW DANCE and Tsang Wing Fai back in Hong Kong.

Instagram: francisjohncyc

Facebook: FrancisJohn Chan

Twitter: francisjohncyc

CV available on request. Please contact us through john@ghostandjohn.art.