Photo by Dominic Farlam

Ghost Chan

is a Hongkongese contemporary artist from Computer Science background. He investigates the methods of applying logic to performance. He is interested in performer-audience digital interaction and is investigating the involvement of digital interactivity as a discourse into the social and political implications in art. He is half of Ghost and John. He is a danceWEB scholarship recipient at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2019. He is an artist member of Chisenhale Dance Space, London, an artist-in-residence at Live Art Development Agency, London and an artist fellow at Hong Kong Dance Alliance. 


With digital interactive technology, Ghost Chan manipulates the power dynamics between the creator, the performers and the audience. His works include Meniscus, I'M NOT SURE ABOUT YOU, BUT I NEED MY PHONE and more. His investigation into algorithmic choreography empowers him as an artist to expand the spectating experience he can provide, in which trigger reflection on the social system that we are in.


“Holding the mirror in the face of people: this is how modern technology abuses you already."

Rio Rutzinger, Artistic Director of ImPulsTanz

Ghost Chan is a programming analyst (BEng Computer Science, HKUST) and has been trained in Computer Science. He gets tired of being trapped in the routine and fears of turning into a machine with the computer. He found himself to be alive when dancing, then decided to go into the arts. He has completed MA Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place). He is trained under Siu Wan from SHOW DANCE and Tsang Wing Fai back in Hong Kong.


Instagram: ghosososost

Facebook: Ghost Chan


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