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Bitter Moves Sweet Truths - Ghost and John

Photo by Jane Lam

is an artist-researcher, creative technologist, and social entrepreneur. With his background in science and art, he has developed a holistic career crossing the boundaries between technology, performance, and social justice. He was an MGC Futures bursary recipient 2021 and a danceWEBBER at ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 2019.  He mainly collaborates with John Chan as Ghost and John and is one of the six co-founders of Hidden Keileon CIC, an artist-led social enterprise.


Over the past five years, Ghost has successfully managed and organized numerous cultural and charity sector projects, showcasing his commitment to making a positive social impact. Notably, Ghost led the award-winning project called Radio Neighbourhood, which received the prestigious Ideas and Pioneers Fund from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This remarkable project has been exhibited at various locations across London, including Canary Wharf, Deptford X and Bloomsbury Festival, and Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield. 


As a creative technologist, he experiments with the use of interactive technology and immersive visuals to generate unique spectating experiences. In Bitter Moves Sweet Truths, three-screen projection and live feed video techniques were employed. The work was shortlisted for the highly regarded Untapped Award in 2023, which is a testament to its innovative and thought-provoking nature. 

As a co-founder at Hidden Keileon CIC, Ghost has played a pivotal role in presenting a series of esteemed art events, notably including Paradoxical Gasp. Everything Theatre, in their review, described the work as a "refreshing and welcome cauldron of ill-disguised sarcasm, genuine artistry, and thinly veiled jabs directed at the higher powers responsible." This feedback reinforces the impact of our immersive techniques and provocative themes, further solidifying our position in the artistic community.


Ghost is also a versatile performer who works across dance and movement. His performance has been seen across the UK, Hong Kong, Austria, and more, from small pubs and clubs to major theatres and galleries, including CCA Goldsmiths, Streatham Space Project, Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, and more. 


Ghost is an analyst programmer specializing in Android development with Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) architecture pattern and website building and design, and has received BEng, HKUST. He has also received an MA at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place). He was trained under Siu Wan from SHOW DANCE back in Hong Kong. 

Instagram: ghosososost

LinkedIn: Ghost Chan


CV available on request. Please contact him through

Ghost Chan

Ghost Chan - artist-researcher, creative technologist, and social entrepreneur
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