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ShumGhostJohn (Since 2017)

Together, we devise contemporary movements.



The trio was born and raised in Hong Kong but came from different backgrounds. With great diversity amongst the trio, the company has been exploring and devising new methods and practice in dance to express and tell stories to the audience, to the public. Not only to be free from their stressful lives and be true to themselves but also to add colours to the lives of the others. The company has so far released a full-length theatre work, a club performance, three dance videos, performed on two official occasions and won a championship in Kangaroo Cup (Hong Kong) 2017 Lyrical/Contemporary.


Our works so far:

I'M NOT SURE (Triptych Version for Vault Festival) - Click here for a ticket!

The Cup Noodle Act - Live Art

RLDU 右左下上 (2018) - Full-Length Theatre Work
Merry Christmas 2017 (Jingle Bell Rock by Glee Cast)
HK Kangaroo Cup 2017 Open Contemporary/Lyrical: Champion
Project 2 - “Puzzle” ("Better" by One Republic)
Scene “Cheshire Cat” from “Alice in the Wonderland” with Christine Liao School of Ballet
Project 1 - “Seek” ("Somewhere Only We Know" by Lily Allen)

Known as "The Devisers Company" before Oct 2019.

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