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ShumGhostJohn (Since 2017)

Fluid in their artistic expression, ShumGhostJohn is a Hong Kong trio making performance works across disciplines, previously trained in language, ballet, computer science and biology. Met in 2017, they devise storytelling works that recognise Hongkonger identity, power of being a collective and the nature of interdependence.


The trio’s performance has been seen across Hong Kong, London, Vienna and Antwerp, in renowned venues and festivals including ImPulsTanz, The Place London and Genee. Their performance in Vault Festival at “Freedom HI” with Papergang Theatre has been awarded Show of The Week. They won a championship in Kangaroo Cup (Hong Kong) 2017 Lyrical/Contemporary. They received their MA Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School and are now based between London and Hong Kong. 

Known as "The Devisers Company" before Oct 2019, they are a collaborative unit between Shum Pui Yung and Ghost and John. Recent collaborators include Papergang Theatre, Royal School of Music, Contingency Theatre, Nhu Xuan Hua and more

A selected list of our works :

Cart Noodle Show - DARE Festival 2021

I'M NOT SURE - Vault Festival 2020

The Cup Noodle Act - Live Art Club

RLDU 右左下上 (2018) - Full-Length Theatre Work
Merry Christmas 2017 (Jingle Bell Rock by Glee Cast)
HK Kangaroo Cup 2017 Open Contemporary/Lyrical: Champion
Project 2 - “Puzzle” ("Better" by One Republic)
Scene “Cheshire Cat” from “Alice in the Wonderland” with Christine Liao School of Ballet
Project 1 - “Seek” ("Somewhere Only We Know" by Lily Allen)

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A New Work of ShumGhostJohn is happening! 

"Cart Noodle Show" is a hybrid of game show and storytelling night.


Join us online 25-27 Feb 2021! 


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