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Tell me your story in this room / One-to-one (On-going)

Through poetic manipulation of languages, the intimate interaction between the performer and audience construct a novel and safe space, allowing us to fully recognise one as a unique individual.


This is a study to see what languages do to us. This is an investigation on how to be free from ourselves. This is an on-going trial to eliminate discrimination.

Photo by Terry Tsang

RLDU 右左下上 (2018)

RLDU 右左下上 is a documentary contemporary dance, recording the psychological experience of Ghost and John deciding to switch field from science to art, experimenting integration of text, act and dance, and celebrate a diversity of dancers on stage. The full-length work is an hour and fifteen minutes long, with nine dancers and three actors. 


The project develops from a dialogue between Cheshire Cat and Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" and is in response to Satre's "existence precedes essence". The human being does not possess any inherent identity or value. We are doubtful about our identity and the meaning of life. We are getting lost in the crowd. Only our true selves can witness our true feelings. 


18 August 2018
Studiodanz Kowloon, Hong Kong

19 August 2018

WeSquare, Hong Kong

Production and Choreography: Ghost and John

Stage Manager: Michael Mui

Devising Performers: Veronica Chan, Bowie Siu, Siu Siu, Pui Yung Shum, Tinetine, Jacky Leung, Karen Luk, Sai, Kam, Ben

Music: Sugai Ken


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