The online interactive performance by Ghost and John.
A game where you make your own choices.

Now, as the artists performed at Meniscus are dispersed around the world and live group shows are not possible, we are presenting you an online interactive game version of Meniscus, a multimedia ensemble work drawing from the trauma of witnessing unfortunate happenings through the screens. 


At Meniscus Going Online,  we invite you to experience moments of the works by choosing your own journey as you click on different choices and view different footages, token at different corners of the world. In the game, You could be watching them performing dance on a Scandinavian snowy field and then be listening to them telling you a story on the street of the East Asian city. Through this, we experiment with what is liveness on screen and how to present a work about screen trauma through the screens.

The game is a dance. And dance, is endless choices.

Press release here

Let's choose the journey(s). 

17, 18 July 2020 (Fri, Sat)
1 pm, 8 pm BST

Four shows in total

(香港時間 17 July 8pm, 18 July 3am & 8pm, 19 July 3am)


A. One-off game with 2 hours limit. You only can play one time. (£2 / HK$20)

B. Full version with 8 hours limit. You can try all 38 choices. (£8 / HK$80)

(unlimited play-game within 8 hours)

Press Coverage:

Performing ‘Home’ - Hongkongese contemporary art duo Ghost and John (Feature)

Sandra Lam - 15 June 2020 Published at Art Domains

《Meniscus Going Online》多國舞者網上同步 舞蹈表演online新體驗 (Feature)

Sandra Lam - The Culturist 文化者 - 17 June 2020

從倫敦跳到網絡 互動遊戲劇場 點睇由觀眾話事 (Feature)

林喜兒 - 明報 副刊文化 - 26 June 2020

Production Credits

Idea, Program and Realisation: Ghost and John (HK)
Producer: Felixism Creation (HK)

Devising Performers:
Adele Diridollou (FR), Alina Sakko (FI), Anna Dunlop (CA), Annie Knobbs (UK), Claudia Silas (UK), Florencia Riverti (AR), Jocelyn Mah (CA), Lauren Waller (UK), Luna is a Bep (HK), Matt Bell (UK/IE), Pui Yung Shum (HK), Synne Lundesgaard (NO), Taylor Han (UK)
Original Music and Sound: Meitei (JP)
Voice-over: Iris Chan (HK/UK), Jane Chan (HK/UK), Jackie Chan (HK), Becky Tao (AU), Lewis Sharpe (UK)

Sound Engineering Support: J1M3 (HK)
Videography: The Place Theatre (UK),  Mui Ting Fai Michael (HK), Nhu Xuan Hua (FR), Marco Shek (HK), Eloïse Mavronicholas (UK), Jennifer Kelly (CA), Mary Lou Ditta (CA), Hanna Sakko (FI), Jack Garofalo (UK), Frédérique Balle (FR), Suyi Hon (HK), Sunanda Wong (Ivan) (HK)

Premiere Production Costume Design: Anders Duckworth (UK/SE), Frances Morris (UK)
Premiere Production Performers: Jim Scott-berry (UK), Keity Pook (EE)

Premiere Production Light Design: Charles Webber (UK)
Premiere Production Mentor: Eva Recacha (ES)
Premiere Production Technical Support: Imogen Harvey (UK), Giuliana Davolio (IT)

Premiere Production Support: The Place (UK), London Contemporary Dance School (UK)

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