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Photo by Dominic Farlam

“Meniscus” is Ghost and John’s new multimedia ensemble work; a cross-continental collaboration project of twenty-six artists, an immersive interactive event and a gentle outcry of urgency towards the social, environmental and political instability of our times.  


An important piece of work that needs to be seen.” - Jane Chan, British-Hongkongese dance artist, London Correspondent for dance journal, Mentor for Art Emergency

The project sparks from the ongoing fight for freedom and basic human rights everywhere. Twenty-six artists across four continents gather and question what artists can do to face these urgent issues happening in every corner of this world. With digital technology, we invite the audience to get up close and investigate the happenings in our world. 

‘Meniscus’ is a provocative production which hits you in places a proscenium arch theatre cannot.” - Katie Hagan, Dance Art Journal

“Ambitious but meticulously-curated performance that successfully creates an immersive space for audiences to experience the political instability in Hong Kong.” - Sandra Lam, Independent Curator 

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Dust that accumulates. People who come together. Events that collide.

10 Feb 2020 Published at Dance Journal/hk


Banner Photography: Dominic Farlam

Excerpt Performance 

29 Nov 2019

Second Anniversary of

The Playground, Rambert, London


1 Nov 2019 4pm / 7:30pm 

The Place, London

Directors, Concept and Choreographers: Ghost and John (HK)

Devising Performers:

Adele Diridollou (FR), Alina Sakko (FI), Anna Dunlop (CA), Annie Knobbs (UK), Claudia Silas (UK), Florencia Riverti (AR), Jim Scott-Berry (UK), Jocelyn Mah (CA), Keity Pook (EE), Lauren Waller (UK), Matt Bell (UK/IE), Pui Yung Shum (HK), Synne Lundesgaard (NO), Taylor Han (UK)

Production Manager and Light Design: Charles Webber (UK)

Original Music and Sound Track: Meitei 冥丁 (JP)

Videography on Projection: Michael Mui Ting Fai (HK)

Title Track: Luna Is A Bep (HK), Achun (MO) 

Costume: Anders Duckworth (UK/SE), Frances Morris (UK)

Illustration: Lau Kwong Shing (HK), Georgina Tsagka (GR)

Poster Photography and Design: Nhu Xuan Hua (FR)

Documentary Photography: Dominic Farlam (UK)

Documentary Videography: Eloïse Mavronicholas (UK), Jamie Buchanan (UK)

Mentoring: Eva Recacha (ES)

Technical Support: Imogen Harvey (UK), Giuliana Davolio (IT)

Production Support: The Place (UK), London Contemporary Dance School (UK)

Zine: Zine Coop (HK)

Experimental Session

24 May 2019

The Playground, Rambert, London

To know more about this work, please do not hesitate to contact us through info@ghostandjohn.art

Performed at