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"Meniscus Going Online 2.0" is a re-edited version of the online path-choosing experience where fifteen artists of Meniscus recorded themselves doing parts of the multimedia work at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is an experiment on liveness on screen and how to present a work about screen trauma through the screens. The game is a dance. And dance, is endless choices.

3-5 June 2021
BUZZCUT, Glasgow 

Online presentation

Press Coverage

Performing ‘Home’ - Hongkongese contemporary art duo Ghost and John (Feature)

Sandra Lam - 15 June 2020 Published at Art Domains

Proximity Switches - Meniscus at The Playground

Nick Swyft, Mark Aspen Reviews - 30 Nov 2019 

《Meniscus Going Online》多國舞者網上同步 舞蹈表演online新體驗 (Feature)

Sandra Lam - The Culturist 文化者 - 17 June 2020

從倫敦跳到網絡 互動遊戲劇場 點睇由觀眾話事 (Feature)

林喜兒 - 明報 副刊文化 - 26 June 2020

身處荒謬年代,別忘記呼吸 ── 在鏡中照見自身的舞蹈詩 (Review)
聞如 - 立場新聞 - 24 August 2020



"The path to learn about the truth is full of obstacles, or even fruitless. On the way, however, if we can honest to ourselves, we can then live fearlessly." - 聞如 


作為表達藝術治療師,很慶幸有這種關懷人心的作品出現。覺察,是生活於這年代,值得堅持的修行。感到不舒服時,記得深呼吸,把注意力拉回身體,觀察身體狀態、心情變化,告訴自己現在的感受是什麼,例如焦慮、無奈、憤怒,從而作出相應的行動,去幫自己紓緩情緒壓力。覺察也是覺醒的萌芽,是探求真實的開始。了解真相的路雖然困難重重,也許沒有結果,但過程中我們能對自己誠實,活得坦然無懼。// - 聞如 

"Trying to describe my experience of interacting with Meniscus online, I find that am I reaching for the fancier words to describe the action of light- lambent, scintillating. The dominant images and movements were airy, beautiful and floating. Snow, the natural world bathed in bright sunlight under a white sky.  


Clicking to choose a path through the tangential interconnections between location, text, image and person made me feel adrift in a pleasing way, weightless. But the undertow of subtly placed disturbing imagery; the knife, the disappearance and dismemberment of figures, acted as the shadow part of the experience. The was a creeping sense of dread in this world adrift.


The design and delivery of the online piece was exceptionally accomplished, and it is a way of encountering dance that I would welcome more of, lockdown or no lockdown, and that is certainly a significant achievement."

- Kim Pearce, English Theatre Director, on “Meniscus Going Online”

"Another bold and forward-thinking work from Ghost and John. The work demonstrates mature handling at cooperating visual and auditory elements when creating for digital presentation. They have successfully achieved an international project that is very difficult to administer. 


As a musician, I found the sound work to be of surprisingly high quality under the current circumstances. The orchestral sounds versus the natural sound. The human voices. All are very engaging. 


I have been reminiscing for long after the experience. It is definitely the most engaging and attention-drawing online experience I’ve ever had since lockdown."


- Angela Wai-Nok Hui, Hongkongese Contemporary Classical Musician, on “Meniscus Going Online”


"The montage revealed on the same screen at the same time, and human information processing ability corresponded to it in the same way. I found the process of meaning-seeking to be fresh.

It is very interesting the image I clicked differs depending on my thinking process and emotions at that moment.

This work holds the power to stimulate people's imagination to the utmost limit and to develop that capability.

- Konishi Youma, Japanese documentalist, on “Meniscus Going Online”




- 小西遊馬 映像作家 “Meniscus Going Online” 評論

Production Credits

Idea, Program and Realisation: Ghost and John (HK)
Presentation for original version: Felixism Creation (HK)
for 2.0 version: BUZZCUT, Glasgow (UK)

Devising Performers:
Adele Diridollou (FR), Alina Sakko (FI), Anna Dunlop (CA), Annie Knobbs (UK), Claudia Silas (UK), Florencia Riverti (AR), Jocelyn Mah (CA), Lauren Waller (UK), Luna is a Bep (HK), Matt Bell (UK/IE), Pui Yung Shum (HK), Synne Lundesgaard (NO), Taylor Han (UK)
Original Music and Sound: Meitei (JP)
Voice-over: Iris Chan (HK/UK), Jane Chan (HK/UK), Jackie Chan (HK), Becky Tao (AU), Lewis Sharpe (UK)

Sound Engineering Support: J1M3 (HK)
Videography: The Place Theatre (UK),  Mui Ting Fai Michael (HK), Nhu Xuan Hua (FR), Marco Shek (HK), Eloïse Mavronicholas (UK), Jennifer Kelly (CA), Mary Lou Ditta (CA), Hanna Sakko (FI), Jack Garofalo (UK), Frédérique Balle (FR), Suyi Hon (HK), Sunanda Wong (Ivan) (HK)

Premiere Production Costume Design: Anders Duckworth (UK/SE), Frances Morris (UK)
Premiere Production Performers: Jim Scott-berry (UK), Keity Pook (EE)

Premiere Production Light Design: Charles Webber (UK)
Premiere Production Mentor: Eva Recacha (ES)
Premiere Production Technical Support: Imogen Harvey (UK), Giuliana Davolio (IT)

Premiere Production Support: The Place (UK), London Contemporary Dance School (UK)

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