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Solo Doublebill (2019)

Responding to the global emergency, Ghost and John are each making a solo work.

Holding the mirror in the face of people: this is how modern technology abuses you already.” - Rio Rutzinger, Artistic Director of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival

Ghost Chan's "I'M NOT SURE ABOUT YOU, BUT I NEED MY PHONE" opens up a direct conversation between him and the audience, with the aid of mobile technology. Opening up endless possibilities in one performance, just with our phones. The power tug-of-war happens between the performer, the audience and the creator. It mirrors contemporary society as well as the digital society. 

(They are) creating a journey of interesting juxtaposed, integrated, and co-existing elements that weaved a complex and engaging performance… intelligent, bold, articulated, nuanced, and full of conviction” – Eva Recacha, London-based choreographer, Sadler’s Wells, The Place, DanceXchange, Bloomberg Space, Opera Estate Festival, Veneto

As Lewis Carroll’s Alice tries to eat and drink her problems away, FrancisJohn Chan's 's "I'M NOT SURE ABOUT YOU, BUT I NEED TO EAT" is an outcry in the most peaceful way possible, the uproar to how contemporary societies are "eating up" our future. The work experiments on "dancing as gallery" as a rebellious response to "dancing in gallery".


Spectacular physically, highly symbolic. I felt a sense of urgency…, that you have to respond to the digitalization of the world. We don't know how we communicate, what information does to us, what is going on, what is the human being, what is my body there.” - Anne Juren, French choreographer/performer, P.A.R.T.S., Tanzquartier Wein, modul-dance

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10 Dec 2019 Published at Dance Journal/hk

Choreographers and performers: Ghost and John

10-15 March 2020

I'M NOT SURE  (Triptych version for Vault Festival)

as ShumGhostJohn 

invited by Papergang Theatre to be part of "Freedom Hi!"

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05 August 2019, 11pm

Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna

In the framework of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival

Technical director: Andreas Grundhoff

Light design: Jimmy Er

Technicians: Elijah Steinkellner, Seymon Olseowski

3 July 2019, 4pm and 7pm

The Place, London

Light design: Charles Webber

Illustration and Poster Design: Georgia Tsagka
 support: Adam Dunkley

Costume support: Sophie Donaldson

Technical support: Imogen Harvey, Giuliana Davolio
Mentoring: Eva Recacha

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