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25 Aug 2020

Under the hot sun - August Newsletter from Ghost and John

Champion mutual support and grow together as a whole industry, reject languages that propose elimination and competition!

23 June 2020

3 Done, 2 More to come! Online events with Ghost and John

Done an online event with LADA. Moved into a new studio. Read on.


30 May 2020

Ghost and John: May Newsletter

Done an online event with LADA. Moved into a new studio. Read on.


29 Apr 2020

A Chaotic Month Coming to a Less Chaotic Ending

It has been a very bumpy ride for us this month. Read along and see what's going on.


5 Mar 2020

March With Ghost and John

Ghost and John toured around the UK last month. They are performing at Vault Festival 10-15 March with Papergang Theatre.


1 Feb 2020

The Exploration Month

Ghost and John has completed their performance at Resolution Festival 2020 and are looking forward to their exploration around the UK in February


6 Jan 2020
Ghost and John in 2019

2019 has been an explosion of creativity and production for us. Let us quickly review what have done and look forward into 2020.


18 Dec 2019 
Merry Christmas

t's time to celebrate and share. We have recently turned in our MA dissertation to London Contemporary Dance School and we are extremely grateful to their support and encouragement along the way! 
Let's take a look back at our activities in the past few months, see what we recommend for Christmas time and look forward to the new year!


10 Sep 2019 

The First Newsletter from Ghost and John!

You are now reading the first mail from Ghost and John. A lot has happened over the summer with more coming up! Stay til the end of this page to learn about our works!


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