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Tell me your story in this room / One-to-one (On-going)

Through poetic manipulation of languages, the intimate interaction between the performer and audience construct a novel and safe space, allowing us to fully recognise one as a unique individual.


This is a study to see what languages do to us. This is an investigation on how to be free from ourselves. This is an on-going trial to eliminate discrimination.

A strange disease starts to spread in the city: a hole growing at people’s backs. The hole is circular, dark, appears to be a bottomless pit. One tries to reach into the hole of another, reaching so far that the whole arm is engulfed by the emptiness of the hole. "


I feel nothing." Both said. 

"A series of small revelations... heartfelt and stirring."
- Jenny Gilbert, Chief Dance Critic, The Arts Desk


10 Jan 2020

As Part of Resolution 2020

The Place, London

Choreography and Performance: Ghost and John

Music, Sound and Performance: Angela Hui Wai Nok

Light Design: Charles Webber

Costume Design: Anders Duckworth

Rehearsal Direction: Jane Chan, Shum Pui Yung


"A timely artistic friendship at a time full of Skirmishes"

A Study Room Gathering about this production was held with Live Art Development Agency on ​20 May 2020, with Kim Pearce as moderator. A Cantonese version of the sharing session was held with  Blank Space Studio, Hong Kong, on 4 July 2020, with Sandra Lam as moderator. 

Premiered at

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