Radio Neighbourhood

A series of community-based performance events

When everybody has to stay at home, Radio Neighbourhood is a series of community-based performance events in response to the
COVID-19 pandemic. The events will take place in the open space of council houses, hospitals, university campuses and residential halls at various areas in London. The audience will be able to enjoy the performance from home through their windows or balconies with the sound broadcasted over internet radio.

It is a 45-minute dance drama with voiceover that involves conversations and interactions of two to three performers, focusing on questions of home, displacement and memory. It engages with ancient East and Southeast Asian mythology and conveys cultural significance relating to issues of belief, identity and gender.

With a core creative team of East and Southeast Asian heritage, we innovate a new method to bring contemporary live performances to the community during lockdown; and to tour a concept, instead of a crew, in order to create new job opportunities for the art sector, yet not be bounded by the geography.

Co-directors: Jennifer Lim, Ghost and John
Curator: Sandra Lam

Script Writer: Ewen Ma

Movement Deviser and Performer: Pui Yung Shum

Sound and Music Designer: Jasmin Kent Rodgman

We are currently in conversations with different local councils, cultural units and funding bodies. Aiming at debuting this series of performance events in Summer 2021, please contact us if you are interested in collaborating on this project focusing on tackling the current hurdles in the performing arts industry. 


To know more about this performance, please do not hesitate to contact Sandra Lam through or us through

A video clip taken at the experiment stage:

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