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"Meniscus" - Ghost and John


1 Nov 2019 4pm / 7:30pm

London Contemporary Dance School

The Place, London

London Contemporary Dance School presents work from the Postgraduate Developing Artistic Practice (DAP) pathway.

Direction, Concept, Choreography: Ghost and John (HK)

Devising Performers:

Adele Diridollou (FR), Alina Sakko (FI), Anna Dunlop (CA), Annie Knobbs (UK), Claudia Silas (UK), Florencia Riverti (AR), Jim Scott-Berry (UK), Jocelyn Mah (CA), Keity Pook (EE), Lauren Waller (UK), Matt Bell (UK/IE), Pui Yung Shum (HK), Synne Lundesgaard (NO), Taylor Han (UK)

Production Management and Light Design: Charles Webber (UK)

Original Music and Sound Track: Meitei 冥丁 (JP)

Videography on Projection: Michael Mui Ting Fai (HK)

Title Track: Luna Is A Bep (HK), Achun (MO) 

Costume: Anders Duckworth (UK/SE), Frances Morris (UK)

Illustration: Lau Kwong Shing (HK), Georgina Tsagka (GR)

Poster Photography and Design: Nhu Xuan Hua (FR)

Documentary Photography: Dominic Farlam (UK) 

Documentary Videography: Eloïse Mavronicholas (UK), Jamie Buchanan (UK)

Mentoring: Eva Recacha (ES)

Technical Support: Imogen Harvey (UK), Giuliana Davolio (IT)


Production: The Place (UK), London Contemporary Dance School (UK)

Interim Director: Clare Connor

Director of Postgraduate Programmes: Mary Evelyn

Director of Undergraduate Programmes: Martin Hargreaves

Head of Choreography: Sue MacLennan

Additional Postgraduate Choreography Support: Hilary Stainsby

Rehearsal Space: Anna Helsby, Rebecca Staple

Production Assistants: John Hardy, Yael Matt

Ghost and John has never been just Ghost and John.

We are honoured and privileged to have gathered an international team of twenty-six artists from different art forms, who are extremely talented in their own fields and committed. Without their creative input, we would have never been possible to carry out this very ambitious project. There is no way for us to express our gratitude towards every single one of them.

We live in a very difficult time and age. In order to make art happen, we need your support. Click on the following link to access a fundraising page

Thank you so much to London Contemporary Dance School and The Place for their never-ending support.

Ghost and John (HK)

Direction, Concept and Choreography

Hongkongese contemporary art duo from computer science and biology research background. They investigate the reception of art and the involvement of digital interactivity as a discourse into discussing the social and political implication in art.

Ghost and John, photo by Mikael Buck

Adèle Diridollou (FR)

Devising Performer

Adèle Diridollou is a French contemporary dancer in training, currently studying at London Contemporary Dance School intermittently returning to  her home in France to carry out various artistic projects.

Instagram @adelediridollou

Adèle Diridollou, photo by Dominic Farlam

Alina Sakko (FI)

Devising Performer

Alina Sakko is a former ballet dancer from Finland, who fell in love with endless possibilities of contemporary dance. Before moving to London to pursue career in this new field, she worked with Finnish National Ballet, Vanemuine Ballet and Ballet Finland.

Instagram @emilialinas

Alina Sakko, photo by Dominic Farlam

Anna Dunlop (CA)

Devising Performer

Anna Dunlop is a Canadian born dancer and dancer maker with an international background and an interest in inbetween spaces, empathy, and horror.

Instagram @anna.dunlop7

Anna Dunlop, photo by Dominic Farlam

Annie Knobbs (UK)

Devising Performer

Annie Knobbs is a British contemporary dancer who loves exploring, performing and creating. She is currently dance for EDge. 

Instagram @knobbs

Annie Knobbs

Claudia Silas (UK)

Devising Performer

Claudia Silas is a London based movement artist currently finishing her masters in contemporary dance. Claudia also trained as a yoga teacher in India, practises soft tissue massage therapy and is expecting a baby in January 2020!

Claudia Silas, photo by Dominic Farlam

Florencia Riverti (AR)

Devising Performer

Florencia Riverti is a contemporary artist originally from Argentina, who has studied dance performance in Barcelona and currently in London.

Instagram @florriverti

Florencis Riverti, photo by Dominic Farlam

Jim Scott-berry (UK)

Devising Performer

Jim Scott-berry is a London Contemporary dancer, interested in storytelling and the link between dance and healing.

Instagram @jimscottberry

Jim Scott-berry, photo by Dominic Farlam

Jocelyn Mah (CA)

Devising Performer

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Jocelyn Mah is an emerging dancer and choreographer and alumna of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (Toronto, CAN) and EDge Dance Company (London, UK).

Instagram @jocelyn_rocha

Jocelyn Mah, photo by Dominic Farlam

Keity Pook (EE)

Devising Performer

Keity Pook  is a choreographer and performer from Estonia, she likes reflecting materials, loud places, concrete buildings and empty landscapes, she recently received MA degree in Contemporary Dance at  London Contemporary Dance School.

Instagram @keitypook

Keity Pook, photo by Dominic Farlam

Lauren Waller (UK)

Devising Performer

Lauren Waller is a British dance artist interested in how art forms can be used to change perceptions.

Instagram @laurenwaller_

Lauren Waller, photo by Dominic Farlam

Matt Bell (UK/IE)

Devising Performer

Matt Bell is a multifaceted dance performer who graduated from Rambert School last year and has since toured internationally with Danish Dance Theatre and KMDT.

Instagram @mattbelldance

Facebook Matt Bell

Matt Bett, photo by Dominic Farlam

Shum Pui Yung (HK)

Devising Performer

Pui Yung Shum is a contemporary performer/ choreographer from Hong Kong, who loves blue sky and daydreaming with her legs beside her head. From the International Ballet Genee competition, to commercial jazz and urban contemporary dance performing, choreographing and teaching and now here in London - a mixture of everything!

Instagram @shumpuiyung

Shum Pui Yung, photo by Dominic Farlam

Synne Lundesgaard (NO)

Devising Performer

Synne Lundesgaard is a Norwegian dance artist currently interested in the relationship between play and creativity.

Instagram @synnelu

Synne Lundesgaard, photo by Dominic Farlam

Taylor Han (UK)

Devising Performer

Taylor Han is a Scottish Contemporary Dance artist who has an interest in improvisation and contact work.

Instagram @taylorhan_

Taylor Han

Meitei 冥丁 (JP)

Original Music and Sound Track

Meitei is a contemporary music maker.He is proposing music styles that focus on various Japanese moods.


Michael Mui Ting Fai (HK)


Mui Ting Fai Michael is a Hongkongese cinematographer and independent filmmaker. Aiming at promoting HK culture, he made a number of short films regarding HK social issues, including award-winning 'BoxMan' and ' Suffocation'. He has recently received an honorary mention from Sun Dance Film Fest 2019.

Michael Mui Ting Fai

Luna is a Bep (HK)


Female rapper based in Hong Kong. Always funny.

Luna is a Bep

Achun (MO)


Achun is a musician, multi-instrumentalist and live performer from Macao. His original material is stunning pure synth sounds into bright and colourful electronica patterns representing a connection between Eastern and Western melodies.

Instagram @achunmusic 
Facebook Achun




Anders Duckworth (UK)

Costume Design

Anders Duckworth is a multidisciplinary artist working poetically with dance, costume, photography, film and ceramics. Their experience as a non binary person is a strong political influence in their work. Anders completed their MA at LCDS in 2019.


Instagram @andersduckworth 

Anders Duckworth

Lau Kwong Shing (HK)


Lau Kwong Shing is a Hongkongese illustrator, who devotes himself to animation creation and comics. He often draws with pencil in order to emphasize the atmosphere of his works, and explores the possibility of using comics as a medium of expression, as well as tries to deconstruct and reconstruct "comics" itself.


Instagram @cowcowtony 

Lau Kwong Shing

Georgina Tsagka (GK)


Georgina is an artist and museum professional from Athens, Greece. Her practice is founded on storytelling, text-based imagery and objects. Her style derives from Greek folk art, Japanese illustration and traditional tattoo aesthetics. Throughout her practice, she investigates identity, intersubjectivity, time and the everyday experience through a surreal, poetic lens, by assembling and re-articulating fragments she collects from urban environments. 

Instagram @tsagkuine 

Georgina Tsagka

Nhu Xuan Hua (FR)

Poster Photography and Design

Nhu Xuan Hua is a visual artist, image maker and a story teller based in London.



Instagram @nhuxuanhua

Nhu Xuan Hua

Dominic Farlam (UK)

Documentary Photographer

Dominic Farlam is a London based , MA photographer, with a strong interest in exploring dance and performance.


Instagram @dominicfarlam

Dominic Farlam

Eloïse Mavronicholas (UK)

Documentary Videographer

Eloïse Mavronicholas is a multidisciplinary artist based in London UK, with experience in performance, choreography, photography and film. Her work explores physical and filmic elements hand in hand, creating a hybrid product which facilitates the interweaving of art forms.

Instagram @ellieelliie 

Eloïse Mavronicholas

Jamie Buchanan (UK)

Documentary Videographer

Jamie has been establishing his place in the videography industry. Specialising in filming and editing dance, art and movement based content, Jamie has covered large events, produced trailers for dance artists, delivered filmmaking and storytelling workshops and been brought on as director of photography for MA Screendance and ACE and BBC funded projects.


Instagram @jb_movingimage

Jamie Buchannan



Zine Coop is an indie publishing artist collective that promotes zine culture in Hong Kong. It provides support for zine-making and distribution, connecting artists with book fairs while serving as a bridge between distributors and potential readers.


Coming Soon

21 Nov Ghost and John for Vaughan Music EP Launch Event

@ Stour Space, Hackney Wick

22 Nov Ghost and John "Thousand Papers"
@ Goldsmiths, University of London
As part of Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times, 

a touring exhibition

29 Nov Ghost and John “Meniscus” Excerpt

@ Rambert, Southbank

30 Nov Greta Gauhe and Alka Nauman Double Bill

@ Chisenhale Dance Space

6 Dec Ghost and John "Thousand Papers"
@ Octagon, Queen’s Building, Queen Mary University of London
As part of Media and Hong Kong Protest


12,13 Dec Shum’s Solo Performance @ The Place, Euston 


10 Jan Ghost and John 

"Skirmishes" for Resolution @ The Place, Euston


15 Jan Lauren Waller and Veronika Coufalova
"Wildflower" for Resolution @ The Place, Euston


1 Feb Taylor Han and Alex Paton

"With Catastrophic Consequences"

for Resolution @ The Place, Euston

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