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Him and his forest of all hues / Screendance (2019)


How much we can see of a person through the labyrinth of his heart?

This is a bold attempt to choreograph through digital editing and re-composition of images. A song from a man trapped in the city, longer for the beauty of nature. 

An excellent film. The work is quirky and unusual. John Cleverly plays with scale in a way that is disorienting and surprising. His film has an oneiric quality. It is mesmerizing and gives us space to think and feel.” – Gabriela Tropia, Brazilian dance filmmaker and lecturer, The Place, Passion For Freedom Arts Festival award-winner, Sadler’s Wells, T.H.E


Ghost and John went on a 10-day photography and videography trip to Marseille in March 2019. This screendance is one of the artworks produced through this journey. 

The Place, London

11 June 2019 (Private viewing)

Dschungel Studio, Vienna

21 July 2019 (Private Viewing)

In the framework of ImPulsTanz


Performance: Ghost Chan
Direction, Editing, Soundscape: FrancisJohn Chan 


Special thanks to Gabriela Tropia for her advice and Hof Sanchez family for hosting our trip to Marseille

To know more about this work, please do not hesitate to contact us through

Ghost Chan in Him and his forest of all hues by FrancisJohn Chan
Him and his forest of all hues by FrancisJohn Chan
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