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Tell me your story in this room / One-to-one (On-going)

Through poetic manipulation of languages, the intimate interaction between the performer and audience construct a novel and safe space, allowing us to fully recognise one as a unique individual.


This is a study to see what languages do to us. This is an investigation on how to be free from ourselves. This is an on-going trial to eliminate discrimination.

Meng Po 孟婆


In East Asia belief, the spirit of a dead person has to go through the realm beneath the Earth, called Diyu. At the 10th court of Diyu, the spirit meets Meng Po.

The spirit is handed the Five Flavored Tea of Forgetfulness by Meng Po before its reincarnation, so to forget everything in its precious life. However, some spirits do avoid drinking the tea, hence some children have memories of their past lives.

As Meng Po guards the river between the realms of life and death, she continues to brew cups and cups of tea. Later, people call her, the Lady of Forgetfulness.

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