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Photo from screenshot of RTHK news video
28 Aug 2019 #MeToo

Organizers say 30,000 people have rallied in Chater Garden, Hong Kong to protest against alleged police sexual violence towards anti-government protesters, particularly women.


Organizers say police have been trying to humiliate female protesters to deter them from taking to the streets. It's been alleged that a female protester was stripped naked during a body search at a police station. In another incident, video footage showed a female protester partially undressed while she was being carried by officers in Tin Shui Wai earlier this month.


Demonstrators tied purple ribbons on their clothes. Some wrote #Protesttoo on their arms with lipstick to show solidarity with the victims.


One protester said this was intended to echo the 'Me Too' movement.


"But this time all the victims ... were actually protesters. So we were actually trying to make a hashtag - Protest Too, echoing Me Too," she said.


Photo from the screenshot of RTHK news video



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